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About the Artist, Abbie Quinn

Abbie Quinn

Want to know more about Abbie Quinn the musician? Here are some questions you may be asking about the artist.

Who is Abbie Quinn?

I am a solo artist. I am also the guest solo nose-flutist for the Terlawk Philharmonic Orchestra.

Is Abbie Quinn a Solo Artist?

On my albums, I write, arrange, sing, play all the instruments, and produce everything. I also order the pizzas, sweep the floors, and ever since he went missing… I help Neo’s landlady carry out her garbage.

Is Abbie Quinn Self Taught?

I am not self-taught. I have been taught by every song I have ever heard – the good, the bad, and even the ugly (yes, lightning is frightening).

What Instruments can Abbie Quinn Play?

I play guitars, bass, keyboards, drums, and percussion (with varying degrees of success). I also play checkers, go fish, tic-tac-toe and a bad game of goodmitten, wait … I mean … a good game of badminton

When Did Abbie Quinn Become a Musician?

I have written and performed my own music since I was 14 (with varying degrees of success). Also one time I stayed up past midnight…

What Equipment does Abbie Quinn Use to Produce Music?

I produce my music on archaic equipment (with wildly varying degrees of success). I could produce it on modern equipment… but then I wouldn’t be able to use the word archaic.

Where Can I Find Abbie Quinn’s Music?

To see Abbie Quinn’s released full albums, view the discography. Abbie Quinn has also released many singles. All of Abbie Quinn’s music can be found online on all the major music stream and purchasing websites, including:

Did Abbie Quinn Write Scream for Me?

Yes! If you want to listen, find out more about where to stream or purchase Scream for Me here.